• Raptors Win!

    Butch Carter joins the boys to celebrate the Raptors win and John Steinbreder on the upcoming Masters Download This...
  • Franceschetti Was Also A Saber!

    Former Toronto Maple Leaf Lou Franceschetti joins the boys in studio and they’re all excited about the Raptors. Download...
  • Raptor’s Land

    Joining the boys in studio, former Raptors coach Butch Carter. Download This Episode
  • Go Raptors!

    The boys are sporting their Raptor caps this morning and are joined in studio by former Leafs Lou Franceschetti...
  • Raptors Looking Tough

    Butcher Carter joins the boys to talk about the upcoming Raptor’s game. Download This Episode
  • Leaf Season is Over

    Mike “Ultimate Leafs Fan” Wilson joins the boys to lament the end of the season. Download This Episode
  • Raptors Not Looking Good

    Former Raptor’s coach Butch Carter join Naz & Wally in the studio. Download This Episode