Where do we begin? How about….he’s a very successful lawyer with a very successful practice! Does this matter? Well, the jury is out! It wouldn’t matter if Wally was a ditch digger. It would hardly curb his passion for sports, and his drive to making sure that everyone – within a country mile of his voice – is aware of his opinion. Opinion?

“Too bad, my friends…the sports business isn’t just about athletes trying to win trophies and medals! Owners, managers, and even the fans, have a way of shifting that focus…” – Walter Rigobon

Like Naz, Wally is no slouch when it comes to sports facts, figures, and history…he’s just more creative (ahem) in his use and application of them when it comes to forging his opinions and predictions. You can’t just sit and listen to Wally’ preach and pontificate…no… he’ll pull you into the discussion, get you thinking, get you angry, make you throw away the box-scores.

“The problem with sports today? No nick-names. Vince McMahon is a “bleep”ing genius!” – Walter Rigobon

He’s the best. You’ll see.